Can you wear Wholesale silver rings daily?

Can you wear Wholesale silver rings daily?

wholesale silver rings
wholesale silver rings

We all seek a practical set of jewelry pieces like wholesale silver rings that we can wear daily without hassle. Plus, these small jewelry pieces look statement style without adding any extra effort. Moreover, wearing wholesale silver jewelry makes you look gorgeous, instantly pairing it up with gorgeous dresses from your wardrobe.

Style your hands with the beautifully designed wholesale silver rings, which are lustrous and highly cost-effective. But with all jewelry items, it’s all about caring and storing them properly, as silver is prone to tarnish and might lose its sheer brilliance if not cared for properly.

How to wear wholesale silver rings daily?

Keep it away from any moisture:

First thing first, try keeping your silver rings away from moisture. Avoid wearing silver rings in the shower or swimming pool. Moisture can severely damage your silver jewelry and result in tarnish. Keep your expensive silver jewelry pieces away from any moisture as it can make you lose your fortune. Never leave your silver jewelry in bathrooms, as exposure to moisture and humidity in showers can severely affect your expensive wholesale silver rings.

Store them properly:

Once you are done wearing your favorite rings, try keeping them in place and store them properly. Wipe the jewelry properly using a soft cloth. It’s unnecessary to wipe every corner of your rings, but you should remove all visible signs of tarnish.

Wear your wholesale silver rings regularly:

Another prominent feature of sterling wholesale silver rings is to wear them regularly. You might wonder to keep your sterling silver jewelry in storage boxes to save them for a lifetime, but that’s not the case with silver jewelry, as you need to wear it every day to make it last forever.

Rhodium finish silver jewelry:

Next up, try looking for sterling silver jewelry which comes with rhodium finishing as it gives your silver jewelry a perfect luster. If you opt for high-end silver jewelry that’s commonly finished with a rhodium layer. It prevents any tarnish and gives a whitish gold look.

Benefits of wearing sterling wholesale silver rings daily:

The essential advantage of wearing the silver rings daily is that they prevent them from any tarnish. Jewelry, made from such material, is highly prone to tarnish, which means that it will get dull and discolored after some time.

Wearing your rings every day makes them exposed to the skin’s natural oils, which keeps your rings look polished and lustrous without even cleaning. The oils in the skin prevent the sterling silver jewelry from the tarnishing process.

Times where you need to avoid wearing wholesale silver rings:

-Do not wear your silver rings at times of showers.

-Do not wear your wholesale silver rings at times of swimming, as coloring and severe chemicals in water can severely affect jewelry’s luster.

-Do not wear your silver rings while doing household chores, as chemicals and harsh cleaners can severely erode the silver jewelry leading to irreparable damage.

-Do not wear the silver rings at times of washing hands, as using the gentle soaps can also shorten down the life of your favorite pieces. However, if you forget to take off the rings, you can wipe them off and make them dry using a soft, non-abrasive cloth.

-Do not wear your wholesale silver rings to outdoor activities like hiking, as sterling silver rings might touch the rocks or fall getting scratched or broken down.

-Do not wear the silver rings to handle sharp objects, as sterling silver is not resistant to scratching.

How to take care of wholesale silver rings if you wear them daily?

Maintenance is the key to maintaining the silver rings for a long time. In addition to avoiding things that can lead to tarnishing, you need to get your lustrous jewelry pieces regularly polished and store them properly.

Specific methods of getting your jewelry polished include:

Take it to the professional cleaners who might offer you a specific cost, but their polishing techniques are outstanding. Using soap and water is not recommended while wearing wholesale silver rings. But to polish it a bit, you can use this method. It is highly affordable and also offers excellent results.

Another DIY method is olive oil and lemon juice, which are great cleaners together, allowing you to clean the sterling silver rings most appropriately. The following DIY method for cleaning and polishing silver rings is the use of vinegar and baking soda.

Mix these two products and use them for cleaning/ polishing the rings. These ingredients are highly effective in getting rid of tarnish and challenging sports within the nooks and corners of your favorite silver rings.

Storing your wholesale silver rings:

Once you are done wearing silver rings on occasions or on an everyday basis, plan to keep them back. You need to store them properly as it prevents your favorite jewelry pieces from any tarnish or scratching.

1.Do not keep your silver jewelry exposed to the open air.

2.Do not store it in areas that are exposed to heat or sunlight. Try keeping your favorite jewelry pieces in a cool, dark place.

3.Avoid keeping too many jewelry pieces in one pack. Try storing each piece separately.

4.Store the wholesale silver rings in an airtight container.

5.Moreover, do not keep the silver jewelry exposed to humid environments.


Once you end up finding the best wholesale silver rings, you won’t like taking them off. Whether you wear your wedding rings, some stack rings, delicate midi finger rings, or more, you can wear them every day.
All silver jewelry comes with a wide range of properties needing a particular set of care. So if you are wearing sterling silver jewelry every day, you need to follow specific tips and tricks to maintain the jewelry in stunning condition.

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