To keep your fashion-forward ideas from becoming a necklace faux pas here are some factors to keep in mind while deciding on a length WHOLESALE NECKLACES.




Collars are 12 to 14 inches long and have several strands that sit quite close around the neck. They are popular for more formal events and look best with V-neck, boat, or ballerina necklines, as well as off-the-shoulder necklines. If you have a thin neck, a collar-type necklace would compliment it beautifully WHOLESALE NECKLACES.


A choker is 15 to 16 inches long and can be single or multi-stranded. Chokers are ideal if you want a short necklace that isn’t too tight around your neck. They go nicely with various formal gowns, however, it depends on the material: In high fashion, silver or gold appear traditional, whereas cord or leather-look is grungy. Chokers can soften an angular chin, which helps balance a rectangular or heart-shaped face. While this is a flexible length for many different types of clothes, it is advised to avoid turtlenecks WHOLESALE NECKLACES.


Princesses range in length from 17 to 19 inches and hang just below the collarbone. This is by far the most popular and flexible necklace length available. Just make sure your collar or neckline is obviously higher or lower than the necklace. Pendants, lockets, and charms typically come on chains of this length. This is the ideal length for formalwear if you’re looking for pearls WHOLESALE NECKLACES.


This length, ranging from 20 to 24 inches, is regarded as appropriate for the professional office atmosphere while being casual enough for after-work cocktails. To prevent clashing with the necklace or losing it in a crowded design, choose basic shirts with little embellishment. Women who like to show off their cleavage will appreciate this length, which falls below the collarbones and pulls the attention down the chest.


28–34-inch opera length; hangs below the breast region or may be worn as a choker. This length might also assist to lengthen a round face. Evening clothing, formal blouses, and ensembles with a higher neckline look great with this. If your bust line is more beautiful than your neckline, the opera style is perfect, but wear a decent bra if your chest will be the focal point WHOLESALE NECKLACES.


Rope and lariat necklaces above 45 inches encourage the eye to sweep down the torso, attracting valuable attention to your contours. Rope styles can be worn tight to the navel, doubled for a two-strand princess length, or tripled for a choker or collar. Lariat styles are unattached at the ends and maybe knotted in a variety of knots to produce a long-lasting statement. These lengthier lengths are most suited for informal situations for pearl wearers but may be doubled or tripled to enhance more formal attire. Beaded necklaces are also very popular at this length WHOLESALE NECKLACES.


Necklaces are essential to people other than women. Children’s necklaces are typically 14 to 16 inches long, giving them plenty of space to develop. When looking for a men’s necklace, look for anything between 18 and 24 inches long, with a 22-inch length being suitable for wearing with a pendant or medallion. Finally, if you have a beloved pendant that you wear no matter what, keep a couple of different chain lengths available and rotate them to fit the occasion. Also, never underestimate the usefulness of an adjustable length necklace as a genuinely personalized piece of jewelry for gift-giving.

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