sterling silver 925

As we all know that jewelry is one of the most desired things as it completes your look and helps you to look beautiful and stunning. The trend of jewelry has been around since the beginning of time and has been constantly changing over the years to accommodate the needs of the people.

The introduction of sterling silver 925 has completely transformed the way we look at jewelry and over the years it has become the most desired material for the manufacture of any kind of jewelry. We are sure you already know most of the information about sterling silver 925 but today we will tell you some facts and information about sterling silver 925 which you might not know.


Assayers Marks:

It has happened to some people that they just bought a new sterling silver jewelry item and after coming home they noticed some marks or lines on their jewelry which forced them to think that they got a faulty jewelry item; however, what they do not know is that those marks are called Assayers marks which are purposely made and shaped to look like an animal or a symbol that helps you identify the origin country of the sterling silver used in that specific jewelry item.

Next to the assayers mark you might also notice some numbers which are used to signify the purity of silver in your jewelry meaning that any sterling silver 925 accessories should have 925 written on them which would mean it is 92.5% pure silver.


Strength of sterling silver 925:

As you might already be aware that sterling silver is not a pure metal but is an alloy made from silver and some other metal such as zinc or copper and this might raise a question in your brain that why pay extra for an item of jewelry that is not even 100% pure silver? Well, this question has a quite simple answer that we will answer for you.

Silver in its purest form is a very soft metal which means it is brittle and very much susceptible to damage due to wear and tear plus it does not hold its shape properly, but on the other hand, sterling silver 925 wholesale jewelry is a lot stronger than pure silver and has a higher tensile strength meaning it does not get damaged that often and can hold its shape pretty well making it suitable for jewelry items that are approximately used on the daily basis so you can look elegant and beautiful throughout the day without any worries.


sterling silver 925

Skin and other reactions:

Whenever you see a sterling silver 925 ring or any other item of jewelry, your first thought is to put it on you and see how it would look on you and how it would fit your personality which is exactly what any person would do however, if that person has sensitive skin then he or she might develop an irritation or some kind of rash because it’s not uncommon for sterling silver to react with your skin and start to irritate it.

Moreover, this problem can easily be overcome by the process of plating in which a thin layer of pure silver or some other metal or any dampener is applied over the sterling silver jewelry that does not react with the skin and makes it comfortable to wear your jewelry without any hassle.

Not only your skin can get reactions, but sterling silver itself can also react with molecules present in the air or some chemicals you might use to clean your precious jewelry. There are some necessary precautions you need to take to make sure your sterling silver 925 jewelry stays safe such as avoiding exposure to direct sunlight as it can make it dull, moreover, make sure to protect your sterling silver jewelry from water or bleach and other chemical sprays or perfumes as they can react and lead to tarnishing which would ruin your precious jewelry.


Investment value:

Jewelry made from gold silver and other expensive materials are not only bought just to wear for some occasion only, but they are also bought by people as an investment because an increment in the price of gold and these other materials can be seen almost every year which means they can be sold at a profit which means your money stays safe and you can use that money to upgrade your jewelry in the future and even though sterling silver 925 wholesale silver rings

 is up there with gold and pure silver in terms of how they look and feel like however, they are not worth as much as other expensive materials out there in the market for the manufacture of jewelry. This is the main reason why sterling silver should not be bought as an investment as it does not have enough money value but it’s still one of the best ways to invest in jewelry as it’s cheap and lasts longer than other metals.


sterling silver 925


For some accessories such necklaces or bracelets there are huge machines that automatically manufacture the jewelry in a matter of minutes; however, most sterling silver 925 accessories such as earrings are hand-built meaning that a worker does hours of manual labor on a single piece of jewelry polishing and crafting it to perfection using tools such as solders, polishers, strippers, and cutters to achieve that ultimate look which will take your breath away why you see it and can not resist but to buy it.



In conclusion, we have a lot of evidence that shows us that sterling silver 925 jewelry is gorgeous, desirable, lasts long, and completes your look and this makes sterling silver one of the most desirable metals out there to be used for jewelry manufacture. It can easily last you a lifetime if properly taken care of and stored safely plus you can enjoy it more as it is inexpensive but still looks wonderful.