10 Sterling Silver Jewelry Pieces you will find at a wholesale

 Sterling Silver

Have a fancy party or an elegant dinner to attend? Want to flaunt something that states class and finesse? Want something affordable and yet as per the standards of the better things in life? Look no further than 


The trick to buying Sterling Silver pieces you will find a wholesale!



Silver Jewelry


  • Genuine Blue Topaz Earrings in Sterling Silver jewelry

Shown below is a pair of genuine blue topaz earrings set in Sterling Silver. Exquisite right? The side of each earring is six millimeters in diameter and they are available at wholesale for a price of…give it a guess. Wait, well they sure do look worth all ninety dollars but here comes the best part! These gorgeous pieces are available at wholesale for a meager price of $9.60! So, grab your purses and your wallets people, and add these precious gemstone-based sterling silver jewelry pieces to your collection immediately! 



Silver Jewelry

  • Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

Demonstrating a true command of versatility, Sterling Silver jewelry pieces you will find at a wholesale include the sensational hoop earrings! What better represents strength and embodies international fashion better than the reputed hoops we adorn our ears with right? Hoop earrings signify much more than just fashion, they signify wholeness, infinity, and unity. Hoop earrings are a celebration of Latino culture. They are a celebration of identity and strength and resistance to discrimination! 

Well, we all know and love our hoops but are they affordable in Sterling Silver? The answer is yes, yes, thousand times yes! One inch big and one-millimeter-thick Sterling Silver hoop earrings are readily available at the splendid price of $3.75! You read that right! So, get your pair now!



Silver Jewelry


  • Sterling Silver Mini Hoop Earrings

Talking about hoops, you can also buy them in tiny sizes as per your taste. Yes, Mini Hoop Earrings are on the list of Sterling Silver Jewelry pieces you will find at wholesale! Moreover, there is good news if you are into bulk shopping or if you are prone to it due to Christmas being just around the corner. Sterling Silver Mini Hoop Earrings are available in a set of twenty-five pairs at wholesale! These hoops are ten millimeters wide and cost $37.50. After you do the mathematics this comes down to cost just $1.50 for one pair of Sterling Silver earrings! Merry Christmas indeed! They are classy, they are elegant and they are yours!



Silver Jewelry

  • Twenty-four-inch Sterling Silver Rope Chain

It is no secret that rope chains are incredibly popular all over the world no matter what culture, what gender, and no matter what age. Everyone has at some point in their lives if they can afford to, draped a rope chain around their necks. Rope chains are wildly trendy amongst the Hip Hop community and other rap groups! They are looked upon as symbols of eternity. Rope chains are worn as displays of wealth and joy! 

Considering all these celebrities wear rope chains as symbols of prosperity you may be provoked to think that they are beyond your means. But think again. Rope chains are one of the Sterling Silver pieces you will find at wholesale silver rings at an incredible price! A 24 inches long and 1.6 millimeters wide sterling silver rope chain is available at wholesale for only $6.99! Yes, now you can collect luxury at a very decent price!



Silver Jewelry


  • Sterling Silver Bianca Stone and Swarovski Crystal Earrings

The reputation of Swarovski Crystals for being of the finest quality and worthy of their high market value is swept across the world. The Swarovski brand is associated with remarkable sophistication and elegance in the fashion industry. This expensive brand is available at an affordable rate as another one of the Sterling Silver Jewelry pieces you will find at wholesale. It is featured in two-centimeter-long earrings with Sterling Silver French hooks and eight-millimeter big crystals for only $2.50. And it is $2.50 for not one pair but six whole pairs of these elegant earrings set in sterling silver! This is indeed what dreams are made of!


Silver Jewelry


  • Sterling Silver Infinity Twist Bracelet

Whether it is to adorn your wrists or hold together your charms, bracelets are a staple of every fashionista’s collection. They are perfect to be exchanged in both formal and informal settings. In some cultures, they are a necessity for faith. So, what better way to honor the cultural and social significance of bracelets than to buy them in Sterling Silver? An elegant choice from the Sterling Silver Jewelry pieces you will find at wholesale! An 18-centimeter Sterling Silver extendable chain bracelet can be effortlessly found at wholesale for the astounding price of $1.80! So, go ahead, buy one for you and yours!



Silver Jewelry



  • Sterling Silver heart ring

There can never be too many rings in your collection. Wear one around your thumb and it signifies freedom, independence, strength, and individuality. Adorn your toe with a silver one and in Hinduism, it is considered a symbol of marriage. Drape one around your neck in a necklace and it may as well be considered a promise ring. As symbols of luxury, tradition, and religion, rings have been around for quite a while and they are here to stay.

So, it is a good idea to add a few graceful ones to your collection. And how better to demonstrate grace than with Sterling Silver at a reasonable price? Rings are also proud additions of the Sterling Silver Jewelry Pieces you find at a wholesale. For example, this exquisite looking sterling silver heart ring shown below is available at wholesale for an amazing price of $6.99! Imagine this gorgeous piece in your collection for the equivalent price of a burger at McDonald’s! 



Silver Jewelry



  • Sterling Silver Pearl Earrings

Pearls have long been symbolic of wealth, purity, patience, wisdom, and peace. They have been compared to the moon! Although the fact that they retain status as the only gem found and formed within a living being should have been testimony enough to their uniqueness. 

These 8-millimeter Pearl Earrings are also one of the Sterling Silver Jewelry pieces you will find at wholesale for a reasonable price of only $3.28!



Silver Jewelry

  • Sterling Silver jewelry Amethyst Set

What is better than gifting your beloved a Sterling Silver Amethyst Earrings and Pendant set on a budget, right? Amidst the Sterling Silver Jewelry pieces, you will find at a wholesale, you will spot this pendant with a 7-millimeter stone and these earrings with 6-millimeter stones all for just $6.54! Elegance on a budget!  


Silver Jewelry


  • Sterling Silver jewelry Sapphire set

If Amethysts are not your thing then Sapphires are also added to the Sterling Silver Jewelry pieces you will find at wholesale. This meaningful stone in size of 8×8 millimeter is embedded in the pendant and the size of 6×6 millimeter is embedded in the earrings. At wholesale it takes only $6.30 for this entire Blue Sapphire Sterling Silver Set!


Final Verdict

Hopefully these 10 Sterling Silver Pieces you will find at a wholesale list have convinced you of the elegance awaiting within means. This precious metal is available in delicious combinations for less than the price of a meal! So head right out and get yourself a pretty piece of sophistication!