Why buying gold plated jewelry is such a good idea

gold plated jewelry

Buying gold plated jewelry is an advantage in every way. And it is that this material has many qualities that make it so special. Here we will explain why buying gold plated jewelry is the best option of all.

 Why buy gold plated jewelry?

   Buying gold plated jewelry is the recommended option, mainly because it is a beautiful, decorative, and high-quality accessory. In addition, buying gold plated is an investment because these jewels do not lose value over time, and therefore, you can always obtain profitability in case of sale.

 In addition, the designs do not go out of style but are updated according to the tastes of the buyers, and since gold plated is a durable material, which does not wear or spoil, these jewels pass from generation to generation.

gold plated jewelry

 Why is it important that they be gold plated?

  •  Do not wear out
  •  They are antiallergic: The purity of gold plated makes it a totally harmless metal. However, this does not make it impossible to present cases of moderate allergies.
  •  Higher quality
  •  It does not lose its value against inflation so it can always be sold for a large amount of money
  • It’s more affordable.

Characteristics of gold plated

  •  18 karat (75 percent gold plated).
  •  The higher the number of carats, the more gold plated the piece contains.
  •  Rough yellow color and bright hue.
  •  It is the most malleable and ductile metal known.
  •  Good conductor of heat and electricity. It does not affect the air or most of the chemical agents.
  •  Soft metal
  •  Alloys with other metals are frequent to provide the hardness that makes it possible to form a piece

gold plated jewelry

Gold plated colors: yellow, pink and white

  •  Yellow gold plated: Fruit of the mixture of gold plated (75%), silver (12.5%) and copper (12.5%). from the wholesale ring, The alloy of gold plated with copper gives it a reddish hue, and silver gives it a greenish hue.
  •  Rose gold plated: Composed of gold plated (75%), copper (20%) and silver (5%). It arises from the alloy with copper to a greater extent to give the piece a reddish hue and 5% silver to soften it and make it pink.
  •  White gold plated: This is an alloy with silver and palladium in 25% with 75% gold plated, and finished with a layer of Rhodium to give more shine to the resulting white color.

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