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5 Best Wholesale Pendants

Wholesale pendants are one of the oldest types of bodily ornaments in history. They were made of perishable materials as well as pottery, shell, and stone, Ancient Egyptians were known to wear pendants that had the shape of hieroglyphs. There are various types of pendants suitable for various types of necklaces. However, this article aims […]


Our wholesale silver watch line epitomizes grace and elegance. Hong Factory offers the perfect watch selection for you to fawn over, whether you’re a guy or a lady. With over 400 distinct designs, each watch is designed to represent your uniqueness and flair. It’s the ideal finishing touch to your ensemble. Our selection includes timepieces […]


To keep your fashion-forward ideas from becoming a necklace faux pas here are some factors to keep in mind while deciding on a length WHOLESALE NECKLACES. WHOLESALE NECKLACES: COLLAR NECKLACE: Collars are 12 to 14 inches long and have several strands that sit quite close around the neck. They are popular for more formal events […]

New versatile jewellery collection is perfect for your summer

Jewellery is the flexible partner to fashion, whether it’s the final touch on a look or the statement pieces to build your ensemble around. People are anxious to show off their flair as the globe opens up, and the gleaming metals, crystals, and jewels used in jewellery are the ideal vehicle for doing so. We […]


Traditional jewelry making may be viewed as a type of micro-engineering in terms of materials and procedures, as it necessitates the precise fabrication of metal items. Most of the jewelry is made of precious metals such as silver, gold, platinum, and palladium, but it may also be made of alternative materials such as pewter or […]


CRYSTAL JEWELRY IS ALWAYS IN VOLUME. It’s no wonder that we’re drawn to the beauty of diamonds, given that they’ve been there since the start of time. With that in mind, we thought it would be interesting to discuss some of the lesser-known facts about these lovely “rocks” that we all like. Let’s get started […]


Body jewelry is highly popular, and there are many different designs to choose from. In this situation, Faux lip rings are everywhere. They are the next big thing to look out for. I’ve compiled all you need to know about wearing a big style statement or just adding a little flare with a tiny lip […]

Does Ruby Compliment the 925 Rings Silver Wholesale?

Introduction: Looking for exceptional 925 rings silver wholesale? Well, a tiny ruby goes a long way. Ruby is undoubtedly the king of gemstones. Not only for women, but it looks stunning on men as well. It is why people are getting more into ruby silver rings, especially when it’s about anniversaries and wedding ceremonies. This […]

Popular 925 rings wholesale cuts for your engagement.

sterling silver

Introduction 925 rings wholesale are stylish, pretty, affordable, and sparkly. Silver jewelry is not only affordable, but if handled with proper care, it can last way longer. If you are looking for jewelry that is affordable and best for everyday wear and stunning as well, then jewelry made of 925 sterling silver is the best […]

Can you wear Wholesale silver rings daily?

Can you wear Wholesale silver rings daily? We all seek a practical set of jewelry pieces like wholesale silver rings that we can wear daily without hassle. Plus, these small jewelry pieces look statement style without adding any extra effort. Moreover, wearing wholesale silver jewelry makes you look gorgeous, instantly pairing it up with gorgeous […]